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Hello, World!

Hi, my name is Tomek Kaczmarzyk. I live in Wrocław (Poland) and I'm a software developer. I'm enthusiastic about TDD, open source and software craftsmanship.

At my job I use Java a lot, but I don’t consider myself a “Java software developer”. I’d call myself simply a “software developer”. As a matter of fact I put every effort to have my mind open to various technologies and fresh ideas.

As a leader of the R&D unit at Cohesiva I started our own Technology Radar project (inspired by ThoughtWorks). I successfully helped to introduce modern approach to frontend development -- even though I prefer backend, I also do quite a lot of JavaScript and AngularJS nowadays. I believe that a good technical leader should have some knowledge about each layer of the project. I have fun striving for excellence.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my programming activity. I've called it “that's how I roll“ to emphasise it's purpose -- I want to focus on my own ideas and avoid stuff you can find better readings about somewhere else. Even if I happen to write about something that's very well known (like a popular framework), it's always with the aim to show a detail which in my opinion needs more attention. I'm not promising very frequent posts. I will make any effort to make them interesting, though.

I want this blog to be yet another form of learning. I hope it will be a valuable experience for both the readers and me. Enjoy!